VMS Software, Inc. Bundles Agile Development Environment with Latest Release of OpenVMS Operating System

VMS Software, Inc. includes eCube’s NXTware development software as part of the OpenVMS 8.4-2 media kit.

VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced the worldwide availability of eCube System’s (eCube) NXTware Remote Server and Client software as part of the software media kit for VSI’s newly released OpenVMS Version 8.4-2 (Maynard Release) operating system for HPE Integrity servers. This initiative continues VSI’s commitment to modernizing the OpenVMS platform, by availing the OpenVMS development community of leading edge, OpenVMS 3GL and Java Remote development tools, based on the Eclipse IDE client, with distributed services on OpenVMS.

“We are thrilled with our alliance with eCube,” said Duane P. Harris, CEO of VMS Software. “The bundling of their best-of-breed software development environment is a major boon to the entire community of OpenVMS developers. It means added flexibility for experienced OpenVMS veterans, while lowering the barrier to entry for newer developers who are more comfortable developing in a GUI environment. For our customers, adopting an agile development environment will lower the cost of development and reduce time to market. It’s a win for the entire platform.”

Both VSI and eCube are dedicated to the long-term future and viability of the OpenVMS platform. In support of this commitment, eCube, the leading provider of modern development tools and best practices for Continuous Delivery on OpenVMS, has agreed to align its offerings with VSI’s new releases of OpenVMS on modern chipsets, including x86-64.

“eCube Systems and its clients are pleased to see that the future of OpenVMS is being handled with such a progressive and dynamic fashion,” says Peter John Marquez, EVP at eCube Systems. “Organizations that run strategic applications on OpenVMS now have long-term options they can build business plans around. We look forward to working with our clients and VMS Software, Inc., to deliver powerful, secure and easily maintainable enterprise solutions.”

NXTware Remote, eCube’s modern Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, provides developers the tools to simplify and integrate their software engineering. It will be certified to work with all new releases of VSI’s OpenVMS. The IDE’s suite of tools and best practices for Continuous Delivery, which automates much of the development process on OpenVMS, will leverage eCube’s close relationship with VSI to ensure users get the most out of their OpenVMS investment.

To aid OpenVMS developers in the adoption of an Agile Development Environment, eCube is offering a jumpstart program. The program will help customers evaluate and deploy NXTware Remote for their OpenVMS development needs. Find out more information at: http://ecubesystems.com/promos/jumpstart.html

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