The Future of OpenVMS: An Analysis of eCube’s 2015 OpenVMS Community Survey White Paper Now Available

Over the last year, there have been many changes in the OpenVMS space.  Of course, no change was bigger than HP licensing OpenVMS to VMS Software (VSI).  In 2014, HP released a road map that indicated a limited future for OpenVMS beyond 2020.  Until the VSI announcement, many companies and OpenVMS Community members were openly concerned about the long-term viability of OpenVMS and their strategic assets that depended on it.  Companies liked or had been satisfied with OpenVMS, but they were uncomfortable or unable to consider the prospect of using an unsupported Operating System.  As a result, many organizations began to seriously question their commitment to OpenVMS, consider a future without it and, in some cases, begin migrations.

The VSI announcement eliminated a lot of uncertainty in the OpenVMS Community and provided developers with a new OpenVMS road map that extends beyond 2020.  We were curious how the news impacted the OpenVMS Community so we conducted a survey.

After going through 73 responses, we wrote a white paper that looks at:

  1. The Impact of VSI
  2. Factors Driving OpenVMS Decisions
  3. OpenVMS in the Future

Click here to download the white paper.