Continuous Integration and OpenVMS

As part of our commitment to support modern OpenVMS development, eCube introduced NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI, a powerful Continuous Integration (CI) plugin that enables Jenkins to remotely execute and manage operations on OpenVMS using the NXTware Remote server as its execution engine.

Jenkins, a continuous build tool, implements CI best practices and enables developers to focus on their work by automating the build, test and deployment processes.  With Jenkins, or independently, NXTware Remote can automate the build and test process while making it easier for developers to obtain and work with up-to-date software builds.

With NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI, OpenVMS (or any platform that Jenkins does not run on natively) users can securely automate the build/test process and shorten the development to production lifecycle.  By acting as a Continuous Integration proxy, NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI simplifies the use of testing and build processes on remote systems, integrating continuous integration systems into the development process.

Continuous Integration architecture with Jenkins:


Continuous Integration architecture without Jenkins:

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