DCL Editor for OpenVMS Available as a Free Download

eCube recently released a free Eclipse DCL editor for OpenVMS.  With eCube’s Eclipse DCL editor, developers will now be able to use a modern integrated development (IDE) tool to compose and edit DCL scripts. Additionally, the editor provides syntax highlighting (so errors can be detected early) support for Lexical Assist (a powerful tool for those that don’t write DCL everyday) and all of the powerful editor features available to Eclipse editors (split editors, drag and drop, etc).

The DCL editor can also be used with the NXTware Remote Server (not included with the free DCL editor), to provide automatic transfer to OpenVMS and code assist for correct DCL syntax.  The editor, which is now a standard NXTware Remote feature, is already available to current NXTware remote users.

Please note: In order to use the editor, you need to have Eclipse installed. 

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