Flexible IDEs and the Future Success of OpenVMS

In our OpenVMS survey, we asked respondents if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement:

Flexible OpenVMS IDEs will play a major role in the future success of OpenVMS.

The majority agreed with the statement: 77% agree and 23% disagree.


At eCube, we think IDEs are vital to the future success of OpenVMS. NXTware Remote, our Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, allows developers to write code on a local workstation and then deploy, compile and debug on any remote server. Developers are more productive (even of they are not familiar with OpenVMS and its infrastructure) and the code quality improves.

What roles do you see for IDE’s in the OpenVMS space? Can a modern integrated development environment make for a more vibrant and successful/productive OpenVMS Community?

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