Continuous Integration and OpenVMS

As part of our commitment to support modern OpenVMS development, eCube introduced NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI, a powerful Continuous Integration (CI) plugin that enables Jenkins to remotely execute and manage operations on OpenVMS using the NXTware Remote server as its execution engine.

Jenkins, a continuous build tool, implements CI best practices and enables developers to focus on their work by automating the build, test and deployment processes.  With Jenkins, or independently, NXTware Remote can automate the build and test process while making it easier for developers to obtain and work with up-to-date software builds.

With NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI, OpenVMS (or any platform that Jenkins does not run on natively) users can securely automate the build/test process and shorten the development to production lifecycle.  By acting as a Continuous Integration proxy, NXTware Remote for Jenkins/CI simplifies the use of testing and build processes on remote systems, integrating continuous integration systems into the development process.

Continuous Integration architecture with Jenkins:


Continuous Integration architecture without Jenkins:

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OpenVMS Survey

Feedback Circled Word Definition DictionaryWith the licensing of OpenVMS to VMS Software, some of the uncertainty in the OpenVMS industry has been eliminated. Does VMS Software’s commitment to OpenVMS have any impact on your company’s decision to stay on OpenVMS? Are there other factors that are impacting your decision to stay or move off of OpenVMS?

eCube is conducting a brief survey in order to:

  1. Get a better understanding of the market.
  2. Better align NXTware Remote with the needs of the OpenVMS Community.
  3. Learn more about the features you want in future versions of OpenVMS.

Please complete the survey below or click on the link.

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eCube Systems adds Modern OpenVMS Development Implementation Expertise in Europe with Business Generating Software BV partnership

eCube has named Business Generating Software BV (BGS), a Dutch distributor of management software and provider of legacy modernization solutions, a principle implementation partner and marketing representative in Europe.  Companies based in the region can now leverage local expertise and solutions designed to jump-start the implementation of modern development tools and best practices such as continuous integration, automated testing and building operations on OpenVMS.

February NXTware Remote Workshops in Amstelveen (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium) Announced

eCube Systems, HP, HP user group Interexperience and BGSoftware are organizing two interactive hands-on NXTware Remote workshops:

Wednesday February 4th from 14:00-16:30, HP Office Startbaan 16, Amstelveen (NL)

Friday February 6th from 9:30-12, HP Office Hermeslaan 1a, Diegem (B)

At the workshops, you will learn how you can effectively develop programs for OpenVMS on your desktop using NXTware Remote. NXTware Remote is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment that makes it simple for developers to write code and then compile and debug it remotely. Enterprise IT organizations doing strategic development in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, PASCAL and JAVA on a variety of platforms use NXTware Remote to develop on OpenVMS, Linux and Unix servers from Windows, MAC or Linux workstations.

The workshop will be hosted by Robert Doyle of eCube Systems and Gerrit Woertman of BGSoftware, eCube’s European Partner.

Please email Gerrit Woertman (gerrit at bgsoftware dot nl) at least 2 days before the event to register.

We Need Your OpenVMS Expertise

eCube recently launched OpenVMS Today, a new question and answer forum for the OpenVMS Community. OpenVMS Today is a place where you can share your knowledge and experience on OpenVMS, related topics and the tools that support its future growth. Additionally, it will feature interviews and a notes page that will provide technical updates and community news.

With your help, we’ll build a user-generated library of detailed answers to technical questions and proven best practices for OpenVMS.

Ask a question. Submit a tip. Join us. Delivers New Question and Answer Forum to the OpenVMS Community, a new website that delivers a Stack Overflow style question and answer site for professional and enthusiast OpenVMS programmers around the world, has gone live. The site is hosted by eCube Systems, the leading provider of modern development tools and best practices for Continuous Integration on OpenVMS, and supported by a wide array of community members, OpenVMS users and vendors. more…

eCube Systems Announces the Release of NXTminder 7.7

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the immediate availability of NXTminder 7.7, eCube’s Application Performance Management system, with enhanced SNMP features and the ability to manage and automate Groovy scripts.  more…

Continuous Integration and Jenkins Improve Productivity and Modernize OpenVMS Dev-Ops with eCube’s NXTware Remote Jenkins Plugin

eCube Systems, the leading provider of modern development tools and best practices for Continuous Integration on OpenVMS, announced the availability of NXTware Remote for Jenkins. The powerful Continuous Integration (CI) plugin enables Jenkins to remotely execute and manage operations on OpenVMS using the NXTware Remote Server as its execution engine. more…


OpenVMS Webinar Recap

Yesterday, we had a great webinar on OpenVMS development modernization at Cal. Thank you to Connect Worldwide for hosting. Special thanks to Oren Nissan from Cal for presenting and to everyone who took part and asked questions.

The consensus was that historically, the biggest difference between OpenVMS and other platforms has been the development environment. There is a growing agreement that NXTware Remote levels the playing field and improves productivity and quality.