Why Companies Continue to Use OpenVMS

Companies are drawn to OpenVMS for a variety of reasons including security, reliability and performance. Without the uncertainty over the future of OpenVMS, companies have more confidence about staying on OpenVMS and many are postponing or dropping plans to migrate off of OpenVMS.

In our OpenVMS survey, we asked respondents (on a scale of 1 to 5) how important the following factors were in keeping their company on OpenVMS: security advantage, reliability recovery, operational performance, language support and risk/cost of change.  5 of the 6 factors had a weighted average greater than 4: security advantage, reliability recovery, operational performance, risk/cost of change and promise future versions. The majority of respondents viewed these factors as important or very important. Language support was the only factor that had a weighted average lower than 4.


What did you think? Why do companies continue to use OpenVMS? Are there other factors that are key to companies staying on OpenVMS?

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