Increase Development Output with Cross-functional Development Teams

A common issue we hear from clients is “we like our application but our developers don’t have the necessary skills.” Many companies are running applications that were built by programmers who have since left the company.  Their current programmers are highly skilled but are not familiar with the language the original programmers used.  Instead of hiring new developers or replacing the application, the companies want to find a solution that enables their developers to work on the application.

If this situation sounds familiar, NXTware Remote might be the solution your company is looking for.  The following scenario demonstrates how one company used NXTware Remote to solve the problem of aligning developers, projects and skills:

Alex is a manager at a mutual insurance company.  His team of Java developers engineered new applications using Java and the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on Windows and Linux-based computers but did not have the skills to work on the OpenVMS platform. 

Due to the small number of COBOL and C programmers in the company, Alex began evaluating his options.  He came up with three solutions: replace the OpenVMS systems, hire new C and COBOL programmers or find a solution that enabled his team to work on OpenVMS.  The company decided the third option was ideal.  They would find a solution that enabled Alex’s team to work on OpenVMS, had an Eclipse IDE and enabled remote development on OpenVMS Alpha/Integrity servers.

Looking for the most cost-effective and functional solution, management turned to eCube and its NXTware Remote product.  With NXTware Remote, Alex’s developers can be more productive using the skills they already have.

After implementing NXTware Remote, the company improved development productivity.   Now, Alex’s team can develop on OpenVMS platforms using the skills they already have.

Learn more about this project and its outcome in our NXTware Remote Case Study

If you are interested in getting more out of your development teams and your existing applications contact us.  We are helping companies like yours modernize their development processes and tools so they can be more productive and lower the cost of bringing new developers on board.

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